Free yourself to be You

"Progress is impossible without CHANGE, and those who cannot CHANGE their minds cannot CHANGE anything.”

--George Bernard Shaw--

from being to doing

From feeling lost, stuck and no direction . . . 

to a focused, intentional, purpose driven life

free yourself to be YOU.


Life changes can be daunting and overwhelming! 

As a transition and transformational life coach, I can help you overcome any transition with confidence, clarity and joy!

We all inevitably go through some transitions at some point in our lives, right? We all have turning points in our life. A turning point is a "point in time when something happens that causes a shift or an irrevocable change in direction".  Change is inevitable though and it can be a real opportunity for us to grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually throughout our lives.  It can also feel scary, isolating, confusing, frustrating and painful when you are deep in the experience.

These shifts and transitions can be either anticipated and predictable or unanticipated and unpredictable.  They can include experiences like a major move, leaving or starting a new job, starting or finishing school, separation or divorce, marriage or a new relationship, preparing to have a child, retirement, empty nester or living on your own or with someone for the first time.  These are just a few and they are different for everyone.  All our life’s transitions fill us with emotions, some painful and dramatic others exciting and fulfilling.  Nonetheless, even with a positive change it can still be hard to step into that next phase of your life. 



Tall Mountain and LAke

What is a Transitions Life Coach?




Reduce stress with intentional living

Find your purpose, the "what" you want to be

Take courageous steps in how you move forward 

Receive tools for coping with peer pressure, body image or self-esteem

Understand the power of positive self talk and affirmations

All transitions have a common impact in that our roles, relationships and routines have been changed.  It is not the "type" of transition that is critical, but HOW it changes the relationships, roles and assumptions of the individual experiencing the transition.


Being accepted for who we truly are.  Isn't that what we all want?

For far too long, I felt frustrated and angry no matter how much I excelled in my career or personal life.  I had no idea why.  Then I discovered the victim mentality. Victim mentality is a way of being. When someone sees themselves as a victim, they’re giving in to a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. Behind every Victim there’s usually a dream or desire in that person’s life that has been thwarted, and that they’ve given up on.  I did not like this role as I saw myself as resilient and resourceful and stood for owning responsibility.  

Victim quote.jpg

Aligning to my U and uncovering my dreams took time . . . 

 . . . and it likely will for you too.  The journey can be challenging with hurdles and falls - yet oh so worth it.  For me, it has included releasing the victim mindset by realizing that I have a choice, regardless of circumstances. I realized I could and can always choose how I'm going to respond.

As a life coach for young adults, I see to make a heartfelt connection with my clients in which they feel seen and supported to release their victim mindset and align them to their dreams and see them thru their finish lines.


You were made for more!  I'll help you experience inside out transformation

 inspired change through our coaching sessions to build the life you were called to lived

Let me introduce myself.  I am a transformation facilitator, purpose-driven life coach, fiercely sovereign go-getter, wildly curious self-education fan, self-love activist, creativity and resourceful doer, music mama, real-talking, people connecting, soccer coach, words of affirmations mom, faith and grace based business owner, living my best life in Forever Humid Florida.  PHEW alot right.  


As your life coach, I create a personal and inspiring environment to listen to understand and speak truth to produce power.  I incorporate proven models to each session to empower and inspire young adults like you!

As a coach, I work with your whole life, your U because you are the core of everything you do.  I am uniquely qualified to work with your "finish" line and your U line.  It is about moving forward thru your finish line (the doing) and connecting and honoring your U line (your being).

Don't stay where you are because you feel like you are stuck.  I know the world is a better place when people live lives that are passionate, authentic, productive and meaningful. I would love nothing more than to work together so you can show the world your greatness!  Show your U.

I'm Christie Rogers

professional certified life coach

The Finish Line Coach

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