Free yourself to be You

"Progress is impossible without CHANGE, and those who cannot CHANGE their minds cannot CHANGE anything.”

--George Bernard Shaw--

from being to doing

From feeling lost, stuck and no direction . . . 

to a focused, intentional, purpose driven life

free yourself to be YOU.


Do you feel your life is on autopilot?  Simply going through the motions just to get through the day?

Do you feel that you are living someone else's design of your life - listening and aligning to what others have created and want for you?

Do you know there is something you’re meant to do – but you’re unsure what. Or how. Or where to start?

Do you feel off track or off purpose?  You have woken up from a dream to wonder how you got here?

Does the life you show on Social media look way better than the reality?

Sound familiar?  If so than we really are not that different as I know and understand these feelings all too well - Because this was me.  This is what I did NOT want for my life!

After a failed marriage, or two, I decided to realign myself to my faith, my values and find my U - the who I knew I wanted to be.  I became a transformational life coach, moved to Florida (from Seattle now that's a change) and followed my heart and dreams for a life I WANTED and created a fresh start, clean slate and am happier than I have ever been.  I found my U - I found the love of my life and my relationships with my family and children have strengthened.  I went from victim to coach, selfish to selfless, hopeless to hopeful and unloved to loving.  


I found my answers my purpose my identity inside of myself.  


Here is what you DO want:

You want clarity. You want to know exactly who you are and what you want in life.

You want direction. You want clear steps on how to find your U, and more importantly, how to bring it to life. You want a clear, easy to follow plan.


You want to know your purpose. You want to know what your purpose is, and you want to be living in alignment with it every single day.

And you want to create a positive impact. You’re here to make a difference in the world. Let’s get started.



YOU are the answer you are looking for. 


I believe that each of us is an expert of their own life, and that we know what's best for us.  So YOU, my friend, are Strong.  You are potential unrealized.  You are whole capable competent and resourceful for living a purposeful and impactful life - It all starts with looking inside yourself - FIND YOUR U!

What I believe in and coach . . .


Let me introduce myself.  I am a transformation facilitator, purpose-driven life coach, fiercely sovereign go-getter, wildly curious self-education fan, self-love activist, creativity and resourceful doer, music mama, real-talking, people connecting, soccer coach, words of affirmations mom, faith and grace based business owner, living my best life in Forever Humid Florida.  PHEW alot right.  


As your life coach, I create a personal and inspiring environment to listen to understand and speak truth to produce power.  I incorporate proven models to each session to empower and inspire young adults like you!

As a coach, I work with your whole life, your U because you are the core of everything you do.  I am uniquely qualified to work with your "finish" line and your U line.  It is about moving forward thru your finish line (the doing) and connecting and honoring your U line (your being).

Don't stay where you are because you feel like you are stuck.  I know the world is a better place when people live lives that are passionate, authentic, productive and meaningful. I would love nothing more than to work together so you can show the world your greatness!  Show your U.

I'm Christie Rogers
Professional Certified Transformational Life Coach
The Finish Line Coach

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