Who are U?  

What do U want?
Don’t know? U will.


Together, we will jump over those hurdles that are in your path to your finish line. I call it BE U TODAY.


Join me!  Ready. Set. Go.


I’m so glad U R here!

And I’m passionate about... U!

Are you someone that doesn’t know who you are? When you introduce yourself are you coming up with labels like I’m a wife, soccer mom, mother of three, dog lover, foodie, baseball player, etc..? Or maybe a title like I’m a Doctor, Engineer, high school student, college athlete… List goes on. Is that who you are or what you are?

You could very well be just like I was settling and going through the motions, hanging onto toxic relationships, working a thankless job and totally drowning in the daily grind. And all the while, on the inside, silently screaming for help as you know that there is something missing – some negative race that has you going in circles.

If this sounds at all like you then welcome to my club because I too was that person.

It took some time, but eventually I managed to climb out of the victim lifestyle I was in and create a life that I actually wanted. I found me.


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 Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.


Christie, thank you for the competent and complete feedback and the direct, yet gentle, guidance. I appreciate your thorough coaching and giving me a sounding board for questions and recognizing my strengths when I could not.

Tony R.
New York
As I look back over my relationship with Christie as my coach and I am amazed at the personal and professional growth I have experienced. I have moved, bought my own home, found a great job, and have made new friends. I am grateful for Christie.

Richard D.
Christie is intuitive and caring.   She allows vulnerability without judgement and emotions without fear.  I was able to create momentum I needed to get more results and set better goals for my personal and professional life.  I would recommend her.

Mary F.
Mill Creek

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