How do you define success

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In order to be successful, don't keep telling yourself that ONE DAY you will get there. The key is to start acting and living as if you already are successful.

Everyone's definition of success is different. So, get clear about what success means to you. Do you have your own business? Dive deeper, what is your business? How much income are you generating? Or, is success having a stable family with healthy relationships? And a home of your own?

Now, by acting and living this way, I don't mean that go buy a house tomorrow. But, what feelings would you have in that state of success? You would probably be happy, stress-free, proud and inspired.

So, tap into that feeling and act it out. Believe that success is inevitable for you. Tell yourself that success is inevitable for you. Another thing, it's not always easy to do this or feel this way. Even for me, I struggle and bounce back and forth all the time between feeling SO good and SO not good. That's the reason I can create this stuff because I am going through the same feelings of doubt and fear and worry just as some of you are. If you have a bad feeling, let it out but then move forward. That's something I am personally working on, rather than dwelling on it and letting it ruin the rest of your day. This is so important because every day is one step closer and one step in the direction to your success. So, use your days how you need to. To feel like the best and most successful version of yourself.

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