AFFIRMATION for when you are feeling stuck!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Do you ever have those moments where you feel so off or so stuck and you would do ANYTHING to get out of it? Whether you’ve been feeling this way for hours or something random just triggered it? And you feel crazy because you know you don’t feel good but can’t get yourself to feel better? Repeat this affirmation: "I let go of the situation that no longer serves me". That was me today for literally no reason - a flip switched and I was so OFF. Genuinely, this is my least favorite feeling when I know I don’t have to feel off and I technically can control it, but it’s just not working. I honestly let myself feel this way for a solid 30 minutes (it was crazy bc of just how aware I was) but then it hit me & I grabbed my notebook - I really need to take my own advice more...I started just journaling and began writing affirmations unknowingly. My hand was moving like a mile a minute! But I wrote this affirmation

“I let go of this situation that no longer serves me”

and it felt like it was popping out at me. I kept writing it over and over without even realizing it. Then randomly, I just stopped and took a deep breath. And then I was fine. Weirdest and craziest feeling when your mood switches, right? It takes just one second to switch from good to bad or bad to good. But getting to that switch takes some action. So from me to you, this affirmation worked for me. And hopefully it will work for you too whenever you’re in one of those moods. In any type of situation where you just need to stop & switch. And let go. Xoxo.

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