If we haven’t met before, I’m Christie. And I am a straight shooter, passionate, shout you to your finish line crowd leader and spirit raiser, the ambassador you have longed for as I will always have your back as you race to your finish line. I am a giggler of all things as laughter is the true reason for staying young and at peace with yourself.

My practice is faith-based in the belief that the only source of truth comes from you and when you are vulnerable and sincerely authentic. Finish Line coaching will help define an authentic presence by setting goals and overcoming challenges or “hurdles”. Words are powerful when spoken genuinely and possess great influence to affect great change. I consider it a blessing and honor to be a coach and to work with each and every client. So get out of your way and step into your truth ... your finish line.

I have the incredible pleasure of working with clients to help them to create greater levels of meaning, success, and happiness in their lives - to see them thru their finish lines. I am a Certified Professional Coach, PCC offering transformational life coaching, leadership coaching, and group/team coaching. I meet with local clients in my home office in Cape Coral, FL and with clients on the phone and video.


My finish line has me living every day from my heart – authentically and fully transparent. How freeing. I choose love over fear. I choose transparency over being deceitful. I choose being ME over being something I am not. And I’ll tell you something – I LOVE IT!


My mission is to help people of all ages just like you create a vibrant, fulfilling life by finding their U — one that you’re actually excited to get out of bed in the morning for, and that genuinely makes you feel ready to start each race and see a finish line. Because you know what? Keeping yourself serving others isn’t serving anyone (least of all you).

The truth is, being U is exhilarating, healthy is what you define it as and ‘what I want’ isn’t a selfish line.

And those secret, soul-stirring visions you have for yourself? You know, the ones you’re almost too scared to admit how badly you want them? They’re all possible, and they all start with self-love…

… Which means, my friend, they all start with U so BE U TODAY.


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I see clients through to their finish line.

Words are powerful when spoken genuinely and possess great influence to affect great change

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