About Christie

Confident.  Creative.  Courageous.

I am Christie Rogers thank you for visiting me today.


I am a Transformational Christian Life Coach who helps those struggling with purpose and identity discover their true self.  I'm here to help you get the life you want because you deserve it.  Life is incredible but also difficult.  The best way to renew your mind and experience inner transformation is by your words and speaking out loud.

The truth is that I enjoy many things in life.  Along with motivating people to defeat their demons and go for their finish line, I am a passionate woman of faith, mom, teacher, soccer coach, and have taken advantage of the blessings God has surrounded me with.  Yet working on a personal level with individuals and groups to feel better and take the next step toward living a greater life is a deep passion of mine.  It's my gift.

What I do is help you identify your truth and purpose and set you on a path to follow your dreams.  We overcome the obstacles together and move toward becoming the person you have always wanted to be.  And when you do that, you actually start living inside out and hearing God so differently. 

As a coach, I work with your whole life, your U because you are the core of everything you do.  I am uniquely qualified to work with your "finish" line and your U line.  It is about moving forward thru your finish line (the doing) and connecting and honoring your U line (your being).

With coaching, we will co-create a powerful and meaningful action plan that identifies what you want and where you want to be.  Your finish line is about eliminating roadblocks and hurdles that may be in your way of your dreams being your U.

As you strengthen your being, your inside you will begin to see the possibilities of the life you have always wanted.  You will find more creative and resourceful ways in all areas of your life.  You will transform and your mindset will be forever changed.


Awaken your truth and find your U